Terms and Conditions

Welcome to F4finder.com,

The following terms and conditions, please read carefully before you continue to start the website, you are considered to accept these Terms and Conditions. If you are not agreeing to these terms and conditions, please abstain from browsing or using the website.

f4finder is a classifieds policy that offers digital advertising solution to its users buy, sell, services. f4finder is not responsible for and does not provide any warranty on any products or any service advertised on the policy in any way whatsoever, including the sale and purchase operations, the accurate representation of the product or service, and the quality of the product or service. Moreover, f4finder is not responsible for any claims of compensation for any losses.

    • Ads can only be posted after a user registers using a mobile phone number and email.
    • The advertiser must classify the Ad under the correct section.
    • The advertiser must input the title, description, price, and image of the Ad correctly without any misrepresentations.
    • The advertiser should be the owner of the goods or services being advertised.
    • Any uploaded Ad must not contain any illegal, immoral, or vulgar language or images.
    • Advertisers could not advertise or display any kind of weapon, whether licensed or unlicensed.
    • Advertisers could only advertise for one item per listing. Advertising for multiple items requires the creation of a new listing for each item.
    • Ads must be for individual products or services. posting ads commercially or on behalf of a third party is forbidden. Moreover, posting ads for companies or shops is forbidden.
    • Posting ads for medications and aphrodisiacs are forbidden.
    • The misuse of telephone communications and annoying devices, the display and sale of annoying devices and the means of stimulating the misuse of telephone devices are forbidden.
    • Users shall respect other visitors and users.
    • Reserving ads or pinning for the purpose of selling it to another party is forbidden.
    • The advertising user shall be liable for any legal liability or compensation, with no liability to f4finder.
    • f4finder has the right to block any user that does not abide with the terms & conditions.
    • A free adv, if any, will stay for 10 days.
    • Ads will be automatically removed from the website after the time period set by f4finder.
    • Non-abiding ads will be removed without notifying or compensating the user. The administration has the right to prohibit the non-abiding and abusive user from refunding any remaining balance.
    • Once an ad is canceled, you cannot see it on (My listings) page.
    • f4finder has the right to block any user who places a non-abiding adv or adds offensive comments to others through private messages or through (live chat). The administration has the right to block the non-abiding user from using the app, temporarily or permanently.
    • A paid ad costs for Standard package 3 KD, two Kuwaiti Dinar, for 7 days.
    • A paid ad costs for Premium package 5 KD, five Kuwaiti Dinar, for 7 days.
    • Cost of any add-ons will be added to the ad cost.
    • When using Online payment for an ad, you must keep a record of payment, in case you are not credited. f4finder will only refund in the case that the user has evidence that the transaction was deducted from their bank account.
    • Refunds can only be given to users in the case of technical failure in the system caused a loss of funds for the users.
    • Cost of non-abiding ads will not be refunded.
    • After purchasing credit, the user could not refund the remaining available balance.
    • f4finder is not responsible for any loss or damages sustained to any material or persons as a result of dealing with a Service Provider from the platform whatsoever. Service seekers should always use common sense and caution when dealing with any provider online.
    • The user is considered to assign the rights of the ad and its attached images to f4finder once uploaded to the website.
    • f4finder reserves its right to reuse the images and content posted to adv as it sees fit.

Modifying the Terms and Conditions:

f4finder has the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notification. These modifications will be effective once posted to the website. Users should read these terms and conditions carefully and regularly to review any modification to them. Continuing the use of this website by the user after modifying the terms and conditions is an expressed approval of these modifications.